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Weider Home Gym

There are many versions of the Weider home gym. Choosing the best one depends on your goals.

Having your own gym inside your home just might motivate you to into working out and following a fitness and weight plan. If you would like to build up some muscle and work on strength training, the Weider home gym is a great option.

There are six basic Weider home gym all-in-one machines and each offers its own unique perspective of a great workout. Of course, as with many other products, you have just the basics with the Weider Pro 1120 and several phases in between to the more sophisticated Weider C 700 home gym. Depending on your budget and the type of workout you are really seeking will depend on which Weider Home Gym you want to, well, take home with you.

Highlights of the Weider Pro 1120

Affordably priced for the introductory user, this Weider home gym offers up to 214 pounds of resistance using the 81 pound weight stack. Using a pulley system and other implements, you could work out your back, arms, lateral muscles, pectorals and legs. An exercise chart is included so that you can use your Weider home gym properly and safely. This is a compact machine that would tuck into a small corner of a family room, garage or even a home office with ease.

An introduction of the Weider Pro 3750

With an affordable mid-level price for the home consumer, this Weider home gym has 212 pounds of resistance and offers two total body workout areas on one machine. You can get a great lower body workout as well as work your way to tight abs and chest. Chiseling your laterals, arms and back muscles are easy to do and you can even engage in some hip exercise as well as rowing. This machine is quite powerful and has a lot to offer a person who is past the beginner's stage of an exercise plan.

A Look at the Weider C 700

Save your money and don't renew that gym membership because this Weider home gym offers you every thing you need for a full body workout and you get choices of different exercises to accomplish this. Squats and presses can be done with ease and you can work on the arms legs, chest, back, abs and more. Chest fly, chest press, leg developer, pull-up station, low and high pulley system, a Smith machine and bar, incline and decline adjustable positioning .... These are just a few of the many bells and whistles you can expect with this Weider home gym.

Weider offers up several other models that fit well in between the home gyms listed above. Your pocketbook, workout requirements and health needs will dictate which Weider home gym would best suit you. Ramp up your fitness goals and add strength training for a well-rounded exercise regiment.

Home Gym
As the cost of having your very own home gym continues to decrease, more and more people are considering this option instead of a monthly club membership .

Home Gym Exercises
If you have never strenuously exercised before, you may not be sure of the type of home gym exercises that you should attempt. Here are some exercise guidelines.

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