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Having the right Pilates home gym is the perfect way to do Pilates in the privacy of your own home.

Many people have only recently discovered Pilates, but it has been around for well over half a century.  It is particularly popular with women, not only because it can aid wellbeing during pregnancy but also because it doesn't lead to the development of huge muscles.  Many people find Pilates much easier to follow and perform than more traditional exercises.

Although organised groups can be attended to learn more about Pilates, having a Pilates home gym is also a good way of integrating these exercises into your everyday life.  A Pilates home gym can help you perform more movements and exercises than you could if you just had an exercise mat.

How Does A Pilates Home Gym Differ From A Traditional Home Gym?

A Pilates home gym is one that is designed specifically to enable the user to perform the movements that are associated with Pilates.  Pilates is all about increasing your body strength in a non-impact way, and the use of a Pilates home gym will make it easier for you to achieve the flexibility and fitness you desire.

The creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, based his new exercise method around the belief that it was easier on the body to exercise if you weren't standing up.  Thus the core part of any Pilates home gym will be a bench on which all the exercises can be performed.  Try out the bench on any Pilates home gym before you buy it if possible   that way you can ensure it will be comfortable for you to work on.

Perhaps the most popular of all pieces of Pilates equipment is the trapeze table, which forms the basis of many a Pilates home gym.  It comes equipped with a number of straps and poles which allow you to construct a routine from many of the more well known Pilates exercises.

Can You Perform Pilates With A Regular Home Gym?

No doubt you could indulge in a few Pilates exercises on a standard home gym, but they are not designed to be used in this way.  If Pilates is your passion, you'll need to buy a proper Pilates home gym.  When you see one of these for the first time, you'll see why.  Their design is totally different.

Pilates equipment is becoming more and more popular as the Pilates movement takes hold and becomes a regular feature in many people's lives.  Perhaps in years to come a Pilates home gym will be an even bigger seller than the traditional kind.

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