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What type of home gym flooring is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking of investing in a home gym for yourself.

If you enjoy your fitness regime and regular trips to the gym, and you are thinking of installing a home gym to make it even easier to get regular exercise, you're probably thinking about all the different types of equipment you could buy.

But there is another important purchase you should consider before you put a down payment on all that shiny new gym equipment   and that is what kind of home gym flooring you are going to have.

Home gym flooring is quite often overlooked by people who have gyms at home.  They usually put together their gym equipment and sit it in the spare room   right on top of a plush carpet that has a thick pile.  That's all very well, but it can be a lot better for your equipment   and your floor   if you install a new home gym flooring that is robust enough to serve the purpose properly.

Types of Home Gym Flooring

Many items of gym equipment are very heavy, which means you will be left with permanent dents in your carpet  - probably right in the middle of the room   especially if you leave the equipment set up permanently.

Proper home gym flooring is hard wearing by nature, and there are several options available to suit your needs and budget.  You will need to consider how much money you have to allocate to your home gym flooring before you buy it   otherwise you may not have enough left to buy the gym equipment itself.

Hard wearing heavy duty carpet tiles are tough enough to withstand a lot of use   they're the type you sometimes see in heavy trafficked areas such as offices.  Not only will they withstand the weight of the equipment, it will have a firm base to sit on as well.  Making sure your gym equipment is stable and not wobbling is essential to its safe use.

The other option is to buy rubber flooring   the kind which is sometimes used in garages.  This can be bought as part of a long roll (much like a carpet) or as tiles which you then fit together.  The great plus point of this is that it is non slip   so you will find it easy to plant your feet and get a good grip as you do those bench exercises.

Finally, you could also use laminate flooring, but make sure it is a hard wearing type and not a cheap version, as these have a tendency to wear when subjected to heavy use.

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