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The revolutionary weight dialing design of the Bowflex Selectech makes working with dumbbells easy by taking the chore out of changing weights. Furthermore, the adjustable Bowflex Selectech makes working with dumbbells safe - the perfect Bowflex for beginners.

Working out with dumbbells can be tough enough, especially for the beginner and if the dumbbell locking device on the bar is not tight enough, the user runs the risk of having the weights slide off the bar and onto their head of foot. This is just one of the issues that the Bowflex Selectech dumbbell addresses, with it weight dialing system to change the amount of weight for any given style of workouts.

There are different exercises that can be done with dumbbells, such as bicep curls and bench presses. However, when using traditional dumbbells, the time spent changing the weight on each one can break an exercise routine by anywhere from three to five minutes. When going from one weight to another, the locking device has to be removed and weight added or reduced, and then relocked. The Bowflex Selectech helps make this change with a simple revolution of the selection dial.

With the Bowflex Selectech dumbbell set, the bars sit in their holder and the user simply dial in the amount of weight they want to use, up to 52 pounds, and then lifts the dumbbell with the desired amount of weight automatically on the bar. There is no need for weight retainers or any chance of the weights falling off in the middle of a repetition.

One of the biggest advantage of using the Bowflex Selectech dumbbells is that there are no extra weights lying around on the floor to be tripped on during a workout. This also means all the weights are in one place and ready for use in the turn of a dial. No time is lost changing weights on the individual dumbbells, as the weight can be added or subtracted in seconds. This allows switching from 20-pound bicep workout, for instance, to a 50-pound weight for bench pressing in seconds and not the usual minutes required for traditional dumbbells.

With most traditional dumbbells there could be as many as 20 different weights to add up to 52 pounds on each bar, but with the Bowflex Selectech dumbbells there are only two separate weights for each bar. The storage rack also makes keeping them all together easier, maintaining neatness in the area used for physical training.

If safety is a primary concern, the Bowflex Selectech dumbbells also will not come lose, crashing down on the head or toes. Each weight is securely attached to the bar without the need of tightening a retaining device.

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