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Bowflex Exercises

If you're looking to create a brand new body for yourself and hate the thought of dumbbells, barbells, and such - the Bowflex home gym, might be the perfect fit for you. The Bowflex machine uses various forms of resistance instead of weights. For the most part,  whatever exercise you can do on weight training machines, you can also perform Bowflex exercises that will help you attain the same results.

There are two basic principles of exercise   isolation movements where you would work out only one portion of your body and compound movements which work several body parts together. While it is possible to perform Bowflex exercises that focus on isolation movements, the Bowflex machines are known for their total body or compound workout.

Effectiveness of Isolation Versus Compound

Isolation exercises are beneficial if you want to target one specific group of muscles at a time. In some cases, one thigh muscle or arm muscle may be bigger than the other so isolation exercises are great at targeting that inconsistency. The drawback to isolation exercises is that you are not getting an overall workout and you would not be doing it for weight loss.

Bowflex exercises are compound exercises and will provide a full body workout because that is what the machines are made for. With a compound exercise, you are working several different joints and muscle groups at the same time. Bowflex exercises focus on being able to use more resistance as well increases your body's core strength and a more uniform look to the body.

Bowflex Exercises for the Beginner

When it comes to Bowflex exercises for beginners, the number of repetitions is usually 14 repetitions per each set of exercises. When you first start out, choose a resistance that will work your muscles but not overly strain them as this will help you get a feel for the machine. Once you feel more comfortable with each exercise group   chest, abs, legs, arms, back, etc.   you can add resistance so that you feel somewhat challenged to complete that first set of 14 repetitions.

Each Bowflex machine will come with its own set of instructions plus an exercise chart which outlines how to perform the Bowflex exercises. Use this chart to study each of the movements that you can accomplish with the Bowflex machine. If you feel that the basic exercise program included with your Bowflex system is not challenging enough, there are several places online you can order and download special Bowflex exercises created for specific machines. Even the Bowflex Company sells special videos and other training materials so that you can get the most out of your workouts.

In addition, some gyms have Bowflex equipment in their facilities so it may be worth it to you to invest in a few personal training sessions so that a professional can help you map out an appropriate program incorporating a variety of Bowflex exercises. You can get the most out of your machine and workouts by looking to the internet for more exercises options or even the Bowflex Company themselves.

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